Neck Pain

Finally, Help For Your Neck Pain

The neck is a wonderful thing. It allows for a large amount of movement while supporting the head. While the mobility of the neck allows us a greater ability to perform many different functions, it also makes the neck more prone to injury.

What are some of the ways that we can injure our neck?


In a whiplash, the head and neck are moved suddenly in one direction, and then recoiled back the opposite direction. In an auto accident, the forces that the neck and the head experience are commonly much greater than the amount of forces that your car will experience.

Our head weighs about 12 lbs, which is about the amount of a bowling ball. If you imagine your head as a bowling ball that is supported by your neck, which we could compare to a flexible pole, it is possible to see that during an auto accident, the head, our figurative bowling ball, is flung from one extreme to another.

This rapid movement of the head can really make the neck bend in ways that it is not normally supposed to. These rapid and abnormal movements can damage the ligaments, discs, muscles, and the joints in the neck.


One of the other common ways that our necks can get injured is through prolonged bad posture. Bad posture will create gradual, yet long term changes to the neck. Because many of us have jobs that require us to be seated at a desk, or in front of a computer, these posture related neck problems have become more prevalent.

If we remember that our head weighs about the amount of a bowling ball, 12 lbs., when we are bending forward for long periods of time the muscles of the neck have to continuously work to support the weight of the head. This makes the muscle become tightened and stiff.

What can I do for my neck?

Recent studies have been done that have compared the use of medication against chiropractic care and also against doing just exercises for the neck.

Then end result........ those patients that received either chiropractic care or exercise fared much better than those that received just medications. The patients that had received chiropractic care saw the greatest amount of relief from their neck pain out of all the different treatment methods.

The result of this study make sense. Chiropractic treatments are intended to correct the reasons why your neck has pain, while medications are not really doing anything to correct the root cause of the neck pain, but most commonly just masking the pain.

At Springville Chiropractic our treatment is geared to helping with not only the joints but also the muscles found in the neck. This gives you the greatest chances of improving your neck pain. We will also teach you what exercises you can do to help your neck in the best possible manner.

It is important that if you are suffering with neck pain to not delay your treatment. The longer that you wait, the more likely that your neck condition will become more chronic in nature and more difficult to resolve.