Car Accident Injury

Do you have whiplash? What you need to know about an Auto Accident.

At the time of an accident, many people spend so much time and attention trying to get their car fixed, that they let those aches and pains that the accident may have caused to go unattended.

This is a HUGE mistake!

Putting off the care you need, may allow your injuries to become chronic.

If those pains that you are feeling as a result of the auto accident aren’t taken care of properly, the body may heal wrong, letting your injuries that are bothering you now to continue to bother you for many years to come.

During an auto accident, the forces exerted on the body are greater than the forces the car experiences. This is especially true in the head and the neck region of the body. The whipping motion that happens when the head is brought backward and then flung forward, can create serious problems in the head and neck region. Some of the areas where injuries can occur with an auto accident are:

  1. Neck injuries
  2. Head injuries (including concussions)
  3. Shoulder injuries
  4. TMJ injuries
  5. Back injuries

Can I be injured even if there is little to no damage to my car?

Yes, studies have shown that injuries to the body can happen even when the car looks fine. This makes sense because of the knowledge that the body will generally experience larger amounts of force than the car experiences.

What if I don't hurt after my accident?

Did you know that sometimes injuries that are a result of the auto accident, do not reveal themselves until weeks after the accident has occurred.

Care needs to be taken to review how you are feeling. If you settle with your insurance company before you realize the types of injuries that you have, they will no longer pay for the care that you need.

Come in and get checked by our doctor who is trained in evaluating the biomechanics of the the body. We can help you decide the appropriate types of actions you should take to get better. We can provide you with the appropriate referrals if you need to go elsewhere for your care.

At Springville Chiropractic will help you to get moving again. Our care includes spinal adjustments to help correct the faulty biomechanics caused by the auto accident. We also use a specialized muscle techniques called Trigenics® to help your muscles and tendons to recover.

Is Chiropractic care safe?

Absolutely. When compared to medications and the possible side effects that they they may cause, our treatments are quite safe.

Don't delay your care. This only increases the chances that your injuries may become chronic.

Call us today to set up an appointment, and begin the road to recovery.