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Trigenics is a revolutionary treatment method that retrains the way the brain communicates with the body. It consists of a complex series of manual muscle manipulations combined with patient movements. This results in greater pain relief, strength, and movement. This method not only corrects the impaired muscle function, but restores the body’s natural nerve/muscle communication.

Many patients experience greater pain relief after only one treatment with Trigenics than with multiple treatments with other therapies. While other treatments focus on treating only the muscles or tissues, Trigenics focuses on treating your nervous system to reset the way your brain controls movement and pain. Patients are an active participant in the process instead of just passive bystanders.

When muscles undergo stress or injury, the body compensates by protecting the area. If not fixed, these areas can become weak and move improperly. This also affects many other parts of the body, because one dysfunctional muscle can impair the movement of other body parts. Often deep tissue massage or muscle stripping therapies are ineffective in correcting these muscle weaknesses because the neurological control to these areas is inhibited. A Trigenics Physician can detect these areas and apply treatment to help you fix the inhibited neurological control.

The results are not only faster, but more permanent and dramatic. This method can treat many conditions such as chronic headaches, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, IT band syndrome, sports injuries, and whiplash.