Darcy R writes:

I have been to numerous chiropractic offices internationally as I have moved many times in the past thirty years. I have always been active in the outdoors and have at times needed the services of a good chiropractor. When I moved to Utah County I was looking for a new chiropractic office and was told Dr. Richard Olson at Springville Chiropractic was a caring, attentive and thorough Doctor. I have been seeing Dr. Olson for a number of years now and he has always alleviated any pain I have had by providing safe, gentle and effective treatments. I have always been assured of receiving only the finest quality care. I have since moved away from Utah County, but still travel to Dr Olson’s office so he can continue with my overall wellness game plan. I highly recommend Dr Richard Olson and Springville Chiropractic to help anyone so they can lead a healthy and active life!

Traer C writes:

I have benefitted from Dr. Olson's expertise and care to help me with my goals of participating in triathlons. Additionally, he has helped many of my family members with injuries associated with sports and other problems and he has helped them get back to doing what they enjoy.
Due to knee and back problems, I was uncertain if I would be able to run again. As a result, I did not run or bike for several years. Thanks to Dr. Olson, I have been able to work through the previous injuries and have now competed in triathlons for the last two years and I am looking forward to a third season.
During the last season I pulled a muscle in my leg just days before a triathlon. Desperate to see if I could race, I visited Dr. Olson and he was able to help me not only participate, but I had a personal best time on that day! Our family is indebted to Dr. Olson and we appreciate his profesional care.

Kimberlee K writes:

Over the years I've been to several chiropractors, not quite finding a perfect "fit" for what I needed, until I found Springville chiropractic! I have been a patient for about 7 years now. Dr. Olson is the most knowledgeable and capable chiropractor I've been to, he takes the time to listen and seems to almost have a gift when in comes to adjusting where it hurts. Also, I love that he stretches out the muscles before doing the adjustment. He truly cares and wants to help relieve your pain. I recommend him to everyone and have several friends and family members that visit him regularly along with myself. Give him a try, what is there to loose other than the pain!

Letitia writes:

Dr. Olson is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Recently I have had my first pain-free days in years because I put my trust in his judgment and techniques. I was facing the serious reality of not being able to perform my career any longer but now am full of hope for many more years of working. I have witnessed friends and seen people through my line of work with my same symptoms go through surgery with an outcome of continued pain and more surgery. How grateful I am for this hidden treasure I have found and the ability to continue my active life style and career because of Dr. Olson. He truly cares about healing his patients and has found a way to do it.